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Whats New at Higher Kingdom Marketing

I’m Tracy James Jr, the proud owner of HIGHER KINGDOM MARKETING.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better. 

Ever since I was young, I have been ambitious and a go-getter through and through. I got into the marketing business in 2021 after seeing the opportunity in the long term. I want to retire early and work for myself. Marketing was the best and only option.

The most rewarding part for me is hiring all these young people with a similar mindset to mine. Of course, our problems and situations are unique, but I enjoy helping people overcome these obstacles and teaching them how to succeed.

Why I’ve been successful

As an individual, I believe what sets me apart is my work ethic and positivity. In our business, there are good days and slightly more trying days, but you have to be as positive as possible if you want to progress. 

I attribute my success to my discipline. Thanks to my sports background, I am competitive, always ahead of the game and organized. I don’t get put off by curve balls in my life due to my preparation. I run my business the same way and instill my team with the same values.

During my downtime

When I am not at work, I have a few different interests and hobbies. I like to work out, go hiking, exploring, beach days, and any adventure I can find basically. I also care a lot about my family. Everything I do is for them.  

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise in marketing, I invite you to get in touch. We offer sales and marketing job opportunities, business development and management training for enterprising individuals. If you are considering a career change and think you have what it takes to succeed, please feel free to call us at (909) 705-0358 or email us at